demera ethiopian restaurant.

ok, so i generally go about 9 months in between visits to ethiopian restaurants. buuut my friend (hi, anna & erin!) and i have been planning to dine on this delicious cuisine for literally over a year. so when we finally agreed on a date, off we went to demera ethiopian restaurant, located at the corner of broadway & lawrence in uptown.

i have heard really good things about demera... both from friends (hi, mikie!) and their website. i mean, they're "chicagoland's favorite authentic ethiopian cuisine." 

now, i present to you -- a long list.
per the restaurant, these are the vegan items they have to offer :
   appetizers :
     lentil sambussa
     spinach sambussa

   salads :
     timatim salata : tomato salad
     kay seer salata : beets & potatoes salad
     azifah salata : lentil salad
     ye-timatim fitfit : diced tomatoes, onion & jalapenos with pieces of injera

   vegetarian messob options : 
     ye-misir wot : spicy red lentils
     ye-shimbra assa : spicy chick peas
     kik alicha : mild yellow split peas
     shiro : mixed legumes
     gomen : collard greens

     qousta : spinach

     tikle gomen : cabbage & carrots
     dinechena carrot : potatoes & carrots
     kayseerena carrot : beets & carots

   dessert :
     basil lime sorbet

both versions of the injera are also vegan -- one regular, one gluten-free option!

here's what i had ...  

spinach sambussas :
best sambussas i've ever had. deliciously crispy. nicely seasoned spinach. spicy dipping sauce. pretty much perfection.

vegetarian messob :
   clockwise from the top :
tikle gomen - cabbage & carrots.
ye-shimbra assa - spicy chickpeas in berbere sauce.
ye-misir wot - spicy red lentils.
quosta - spinach.
all completely and utterly delicious. i think i inhaled all the quosta & ye-misir wot. they were just so so so so so good. i went with the gluten-free injera (which is why it's so dark). it was sooo yum. great unique flavor.

i highly highly highly recommend checking out this lovely restaurant. especially if you have never tried ethiopian food.