uncommon ground.

uncommon ground, located on n. clark in wrigleyville, has been on my radar for some time now. this lovely restaurant is both the "world's greenest restaurant" (gra, 2013) & the "first certified organic roof top farm in the country" (mosa, 2008). high marks!

so i recently ventured over there on one fine chicago evening for dinner outside with a friend of the chi city vegan ... aka, another vegan. hi, mikie! we decided to share everything. plus!

here's what i had ...

organic white bean puree :
rosemary infused olive oil, lemon & toasted rustic italian bread.
my favorite dish of the evening. the bread was the ideal amount of toastiness, so it paired perfectly with the smooth white bean puree. every so often, i'd get a hint of lemon. which at first i didn't like, but really enjoyed in the end. i could eat 10 slices of this. surriously. 

sunshine salad :
organic greens, seasonal vegetables, avocado, sunflower seeds & sprouts w/ apple cider vinaigrette.
all delicious ingredients, but a little too leafy. (yes, leafy.) it also had mushrooms, which i was not anticipating. skipped those. ha. 

crispy organic polenta w/ spring vegetables :
spicy tomato sauce, spring onions, artichokes, turnips, arugula, vegan cheese & herb salad. 
my pal & i were hesitant about this dish, but our server talked us into it. we were both glad she did. it was really very tasty. the polenta was cooked nicely & the crisp on the outside was perfect. the veggies were also good, but i was hoping for more arugula than there was. 

i was a little nervous before coming to uncommon ground because the yelp reviews in regard to vegan dining are pretty abismal. but we had a great experience. so i'd highly recommend for some great, organic food -- & great vegan options!

3800 n. clark street
chicago, il 60613