new york city (astoria, queens) : brooklyn bagel & coffee company.

lil' breakfast post 2 of 2. 

"while you are sleeping, we are working whole heartedly to help make your day more pleasant." this is on the main page of the brooklyn bagel & coffee company website. could they be any sweeter?

but wait, there's more : "our bagels are individually hand-rolled, water-boiled in our kettles & baked fresh daily in our state-of-the-art ovens. there is absolutely no better way for this bagel to travel from our heart to your smile."

well, sounds like it's time to inhale an authentic new york city bagel. but it gets better.

brooklyn bagel & coffee company offers vegan cream cheese flavors on the daily! what! 

i opted for an everything mini bagel (which is actually the size of a regular bagel) with vegetable tofu "cream cheese."

my original post did not have a photo due to my early sunday morning state of hunger. but on my last visit (ummm. june 2017!), i managed to snap a pic! 

hungry? head to brooklyn bagel. hungover? head to brooklyn bagel. breathing? head to brooklyn bagel.

brooklyn bagel & coffee company
36-14 30th avenue
astoria, new york 11103