columbus, ohio : pattycake bakery.

i've saved the best columbus, ohio post for last. get ready ... pattycake bakery.

pattycake bakery entered into my life via a recommendation from one of my co-workers (hi, nik!) -- a non-vegan loving a vegan bakery = a definite stop for me.

some key points about pattycake via their website :
 - "pattycake loves animals. and who doesn't? we are able to make amazing goodies without the hard work of our animal friends, and so we do.
 - pattycake began because we craved delicious dessert and found we needed to make it ourselves to make it right. we don't exist to pull in the dough, but to make it, from scratch.
 - we love sweets, & we exult in the challenge to make them as good as they are (practically) good for you. always have, always will.
 - to this end we hand-make our products using whole grains, organic and 100% natural ingredients, minimally refined sugars, zero cholesterol and we would never, ever, even consider feeding you a hydrogenated oil."

why thank you, pattycake bakery. for just about everything.

look at all the vegan goodies !!! :
oooh yeah! 
ahhh - vegan amazingness. 

here's what i had ...

vanilla cupcake :
hells.yeah.amazing. i don't know if there is anything better than a delicious vanilla cupcake. this one was top notch.

duck iced sugar cookie, classic tollhouse & peanut butter chocolate chip :
i've had my fair share of vegan chocolate chip cookies ... but sugar cookies? no. so i was pretty pumped to try this little duck sugar cookie. INHALED in about 7 seconds. so good. the classic tollhouse (warning, contains nuts!) and the peanut butter chocolate chip were also fantastic.

i also purchased a cinnamon bun, but it got a little sloppy in travel, so no photo. plus i had clearly over-indulged earlier in the day (see above two photos), so after a taste, i gave it to my mom. but it was also insanely freaking good. 

basically, pattycake bakery is amazing. and it is obviously a must stop for any vegans traveling to, near, around, about columbus, ohio.