columbus, ohio : northstar cafe.

ah, brunch. you devil you.

that's okay. when in columbus, ohio -- there are lots of tasty vegan brunch options.

see northstar cafe, a super cute little place in short north.

per their website, northstar cafe offers "carefully prepared yet casual cuisine... [&] features an imaginative menu of new american cuisine with a healthful emphasis on organic ingredients." loves it!

here's what i had ... 

shooting star :
oranges, carrots, ginger & lemon. 
obviously amazing. one of the best juices i've had!

big burrito & side of tofu :

organic black beans, roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed peppers & onions w/ northstar's salsa.
also super yummy. very fresh, which i definitely appreciated. and as its name implies, BIG! i had plenty leftover for a snack on the ride home. the side of tofu wasn't mine idea, but the person taking the order. awesome addition! (i would have gotten it in the burrito, but josh handled the ordering while i found seats!)

northstar cafe is a great little spot with a great little menu. and they certainly make it easy for vegans eating brunch. check it out!