ohio & tennessee : jeni's splendid ice cream.

recently, there were rumors that jeni's splendid ice cream was coming to chicago ... and had chosen a home right near me on southport ave.

unfortunately, i didn't believe them, as we already have anthony's italian ice & paciugo is like 2 seconds away. (i had also heard forever yogurt was coming, but that seems to have fallen through also.)

so when the rumors were squashed, i was upset, but not surprised.

that's okay though. because we visited jeni's on our trip to columbus, ohio! per the jeni's website : "every single thing we put in our ice cream is legit. generic chemist-built ice cream bases and powdered astronaut-friendly gelato mixes? no, ma’am." love.

here's what i had ...

me outside jeni's : 
enjoying my riesling poached pear sorbet.
mmm. delicious. sadly, it was freezing when we decided to get this tasty treat. so i didn't finish my cone out of pure cold-ness. but it was damn good & super flavorful.

the girls at the shop looked up all the ingredients in the cones to find which were vegan. (both the safety/wafer cone & sugar cone are, but the special waffle ones they prepare fresh right in the stand are not.)

you can see all the ingredients to jeni's frozen treats on their website. each location's menu rotates, but it seems like they would (read : should) have at least one vegan option at all times. i am sure you all spend lots of time in ohio & tennessee ... but check them out!

and let's petition to bring jeni's to chicago!