columbus, ohio : marcella's.

first, a note about columbus, ohio ... vegan options galore! ok, back to post.

on our recent trip to columbus, our first dining stop was a dinner out with friends at marcella's short north.
   1. short north is a super cute & fun area.
   2. marcella's short north is a super cute & fun restaurant.

a bit about them ... "marcella's is a bustling burst of italian flavor & energy. the lively atmosphere is perfect for sharing a meal w/ friends or family." well, sounds like a great first stop to me.

and it was. our server was awesome. she wasn't sure of vegan items, so she checked on several things (some of the pastas are also vegan) ... back and forth until i could make up my mind.

here's what i had ...

assorted olives :
cerignola, picholine, gaeta, beldi.
obviously. delicious. the super dark black ones + bright little green ones were amazing. enough said. 

veggie classic pizza :
whole wheat crust w/ tomatoes, olives, roasted peppers, banana peppers, zucchini & arugula. 
wow, i have never had so many awesome veggies on one pizza. putting banana peppers on top is freaking genius. i'm not sure i can ever eat thin crust pizza again without banana peppers. they added the perfect little kick. my vertically enhanced, non-vegan friend bob even loved this veg-ified pizza. oh, and i also thought the whole wheat crust was great. yum all around.

marcella's also had a great cocktail menu. the sangria was a little punchy, but i also had one grapefruit & basil martini. (okay, i had two.) holy deliciousness. 

so, my traveling vegan friends -- if you find yourself in columbus, marcella's is a lovely spot for a nice dinner out. be sure to try the martini.