namo thai cuisine.

pretty much everyone in my life knows that i am always looking for some great vegan grub. so mah pal / co-worker, erik, recently recommended namo thai cuisine on lincoln ave. in north center. tasty thai, close to home? yup, sounds good.

"namo's inspiration integrates traditional & authentic thai taste with a modern & contemporary experience." a great start ... but the best thing? they've got a separate vegan & vegetarian menu. (!!!)

since josh was working late, i kind of went a little crazy with my delivery order. i just wanted to try a bunch of things!

here's what i had ...

vegan fresh spring rolls :
tofu, cucumbers & bean sprouts w/ plum sauce. 
sprouts scare me a little, so i picked most of those guys out. the remainder was tasty & simple. oh, and the plum sauce was awesomeee.

vegan thai basil fried rice :
bell peppers, chilies & garlic puree. (no mushrooms.)
ok. yum. this was my first time having basil fried rice. i've seen it on plenty of menus, but just never tried it. i'm so glad i did. sooo sooo good. i snarfed this bowl right up. you could really taste the basil in each bite, which i really loved. again, yum.

vegan pad thai :
thin rice noodles, green onions & special homemade sauce. (no bean sprouts.)
i decided to go with a classic here. ain't nothing to complain about when eating a tasty bowl o' noodles & tofu.

there's something special about any non-vegan restaurant that offeres a vegan menu. ergo, namo thai = amazing + quick, easy, delicious.