ethiopian diamond.

ah, african food. not an everyday place for dining. which makes it that much more special when you get to go.

recently, josh, my mom & i ventured up to ethiopian diamond, a fabulous restaurant located on n. broadway in andersonville. (this is the original location, but there is also one located on n. clark street.)

per ethiopian diamond's website : "dining in ethiopia is characterized by the ritual breaking of injera & eating from the same plate." lovely! i'm a big fan of hands-on eating (i mean, that's what they're for, right?) ... so i was pumped!

but the really great thing about ethiopian food? a lot of it is already vegan. their website notes, "at ethiopian diamond restaurants, all dishes are free from artificial coloring, artificial flavoring & artificial preservatives. we use vegetable oil in all vegetarian dishes, no butter, no eggs, no milk, no honey." well, that about covers it! this means, all vegetarian dishes are vegan! ummm ... awesome! 

per the usual, my mom & i decided to share all our items. more sharing = more trying new foods.

here's what i had ...

vegetarian sambusa combo :

whole lentil, spinach & potato/carrot.
i believe my exact words upon eating these were : "fried food is so freaking good." such a delicious little bite ... the kind of thing i could sit around snacking on all day. but honestly, who couldn't? 

vegetarian combo :
yemisir watt (spicy red lentils), chickpeas, duba watt (spicy pumpkin), gomen (collard greens) & tikel gomen (sliced cabbage & carrots) w/ injera bread.
ok, first things first -- injera is delicious. it's spongy & flavorful. yum.
my order of preference : 1. yemisir watt, 2. tikel gomen, 3. duba watt, 4. chickpeas, 5. gomen.
but really, it was all so tasty.

i will say this isn't for everyone ... the flavor combinations are not what you would call "mainstream." and some people might be turned off by sharing or eating with their hands (i.e. josh). 

but for any adventurous eaters out there, ethiopian is a definite must try. and ethiopian diamond is the place to do it.