native foods café.

alright, team. you know i don't usually post on specifically vegan places ... but this place is so delicious, i thought i'd share.

even though i am a super nice wife and always go to non-veg places with my dear josh, it's somewhat of a struggle to get him to go to vegan/vegetarian-only places. soooo ... i decided i would (soy) milk my birthday as much as possible (see what i did there?) ... and off to native foods café we went. 

native foods is "the premier chef-crafted vegan restaurant serving homemade, fresh food every day of the week." snap. they've got three locations in chi-town : loop, wicker park & lakeview (woohoo!).

here's what we had ...

native chicken wings :
crispy battered native chicken wings ... with ranch & buffalo sauce. (duh.)
ok, snarf city. we gobbled three of them before i could get a pic in. lo siento! these are sooo good. it might be the cripsy fried-ness, the faux-creamy ranch-ness or the spicy buffalo-ness, but whatever. so yum. i always forget how tasty ranch dressing is ... and this was a pleasant reminder. 

nuevo native nachos :
homemade corn tortilla chips covered in black beans, native taco meat, native chipotle crema, tative cheese, salsa fresca & guacamole. topped with corn, green onions, cilantro and jalapenos.
holy fresh toppings. enough said.

twister wrap :
salad greens, fresh avocado & cucumber salsa, creamy chipotle sauce with crispy native chicken in an organic whole wheat wrap.
again, so good. i saved some of the ranch dressing from our tenders and added it to the wrap. genius. 

soooo ... my vegan & non-vegan friends. if you're in the mood for an absolutely fantastic vegan meal, head over to native foods. it's a great place.