duck n roll food truck.

my mom and i have been wanting to try eating from a food truck for a while now. but everytime we've had the chance, it doesn't work out. well, this weekend ... we made a real effort and headed over to the cornucopia fall festival in eugene park, where we were promised a cornucopia (pun intended) of food trucks.

they didn't lie ... there were quite a few food trucks there. most, however, did not have vegan options. so we landed at duck n roll food truck, "a concept inspired by vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches, with a contemporary take on flavors from china, japan, korea and thailand" ... and in our experience, mexican.

the menu at the cornucopia fall festival featured various "bacos" = bao + taco ... and the tofu & veggie option's filling was vegan.

here it is ... 

homemade tofu w/ mango lychee salsa :
on tortilla chips.
the tortilla chips were the option to replace having the bao bun (which contains eggs). i was quite pleased they were able to accommodate! buuut ... when i was eating this little dish, i couldn't figure out what the flavor was on the tofu. for some reason, i just didn't love it. now i see on their website it's cooked in a mushroom soy reduction. mushrooms (ick), we meet again. so that's probably what my issue was.

basically, for my first food truck experience ... i was not let down. duck n roll is a nice place for a light, vegan snack. plus, the girls in the truck were super nice & friendly.

if you're interested, you can find out where they're at on their twitter page, @ducknrolltruck.