fritz pastry.


enough said. but there's more ...

fritz pastry is an adorable, "classic american style bakery" near southport & diversey. since my birthday was last weekend, i requested some vegan treats in lieu of a cake (since sweet mandy b's won't do vegan. tears.) ... so when i heard fritz had vegan donuts ... in addition to a slew of other vegan items? i was all about it.

so i woke up sunday morning to some amazing-ness. here's what i had ...

a blueberry scone, strawberry glazed donut & cinnamon sugar donut : 
after my amazing donut experience at babycakes nyc earlier summer, i had been craving vegan donuts again. fritz did not let me down. so so so so so good. and the scone was even better than the one i had at alice's tea cup in nyc! shocking, i know! in all honesty, this was one of the best (but least healthy) breakfasts i've ever had. 

i saved a cinnamon sugar for later in the week and dipped it into melted vegan chocolate. best decision of my life. 


ginger molasses cookies :
1. these cookies are HUGE. literally, huge. 
2. these cookies are AMAZING. literally, amazing. 
i kept calling them ginger bread cookies, but was wondering why i was tasting molasses. a quick trip to the fritz website and i found out they are ginger molasses cookies. ha. genius. 

basically, fritz pastry is my new favorite bakery in the city. if you are vegan, it's a must try, for realz. check them out.