lulu belle's pancake house.

this weekend, josh and i had some friends in town (hi, bob & pete!) ... so we wanted to try a new place for brunch on saturday.

criteria :
 1. walking distance from home.
 2. delish food.

we landed at lulu belle's pancake house ... located down the street on southport : check ...
"down home southern with a modern twist" : check. criteria met.

here's what i had :  

farmhouse veggie wrap :
red pepper, red onion, lettuce, balsamic dressing ... add tomato & avocado. no jack cheese or grilled portobello mushrooms. 
not much of the breakfast stuff at lulu belle's appeared to be vegan, so i went the lunch route and did the farmhouse veggie wrap with fries. a typical veggie wrap, but tasty nonetheless. the avocado was perfectly ripe, so that addition definitely improved things for me.

their veggie burger is also vegan, but the bun it comes on is not. so if you're in the mood for a lower-ish carb meal, that'd be a good way to go. 

all in all, lulu belle's is a nice, quick spot for brunch. if you've got non-vegan friends in tow, it's a great place for everyone.