vegan alcohol?

if you are like me (meaning you're vegan or just somewhat oblivious to certain things), you've probably never thought about whether or not your cocktail, beer, wine, etc. is vegan.

a friend recently sent this link to me... barnivore : your vegan beer, wine and liquor guide.

you can feel free to browse through this at your own leisure... but let's take a look at a few items that are maybe more or less obvious.

 - grey goose vodka : vegan. phew, it's my fave.
 - miller chill : vegan. another phew. a definite go to for tailgating & sporting events.
 - baileys irish cream : NOT vegan. surprise! (key word cream.)

wheat beer from upland brewery in bloomington, indiana.

ok, maybe all of those were obvious examples.

but that doesn't mean that all alcohol is obvious whether or not it's vegan. i just searched all of my favorite wines on barnivore and none are vegan. that's right. none. however, it's not because there are animal products inside the actual drink ... but the filtration process includes animal products (sometimes casein, sometimes isinglass, sometimes who knows what else).

so next time you sip your alcoholic beverage of choice, take a peek at barnivore before imbibing. you might be surprised at what you find out!