luxbar is a bar/restaurant located in the heart of the gold coast. my most recent visit included a pre-ordered burger (more on that to come) and was accompanied by too many grey goose + sodas ... oops.

here's the rundown ...

traditional hummus : 
with fresh assorted vegetables & pita bread.
olives = surprise!! the veggies were all super crisp and the pita bread was delicious. the hummus truly was a traditional hummus. no complaints here! a perfect appetizer.

veggie burger :
made with basmati brown rice, veggies & cashews on a toasted vegan bun ... 
french fries (cooked in canola oil and not in the meat fryer).
while the veggie burger is already on the menu, the bun it comes with is not vegan. we called the day before to give them a heads up and they had the vegan bun all ready to go. 

a close up :
the burger was really quite tasty ... i didn't eat the bun, per the usual. but it was nice to have the option. 
the flavors of the burger were right on. not like normal veggie or black bean burgers i normally find in restaurants. you could definitely taste that this was home made. it was also a little bit crumbly and hard to eat with a fork, but that's my bad and really not a fault of the burger. my only comment is that the cashews made it a bit oily. either way, it was definitely yum. 

luxbar is a really fun place for eats or drinks ... their staff is super attentive and kind. the man i spoke with about the vegan burger emailed me after to ensure that i enjoyed my meal. now that is customer service!