noon o kabab.

jeesh, i've really been hitting the mediterranean spots hard lately.
so yum, that's why!

noon o kabab is a persian restaurant in albany park. i recently ordered carry out from there.

the pro :
 - they know what a vegan is and have lots of vegan items on the menu.

the con :
 - the hummus and baba ghannouj are not vegan. i repeat, they are not vegan. tears.

anyway, i tried a sampling of their vegan dishes. although there are many more!

here's my little platter :
clockwise from the top : vegetarian mix curry & dill rice, dolma grapeleaves, falafel & roasted eggplant. 
thoughts? the vegetarian mix curry was okay ... a little bland. the rice was delish. the dolma were good. the falafel were awesome. kind of the perfect falafel ball. the roasted eggplant was also awesome. and a nice substitute since there was no baba ghannouj. (wah!)

what other vegan items are there at noon o kabab you ask?

appetizers :
 - caspian eggplant
 - dolmel felfel
 - pomegranate mushrooms
 - tabouli
 - persian salad
 - persian garden salad (minute the cheese)

entrees :
 - shirin polo
 - adass polo
 - lobia polo

 - white rice
 - charbroiled vegetables
 - charbroiled tomatoes
 - torshi

in summation, dining at noon o kabab = a happy vegan. 
unless you are craving hummus & baba ghannouj. then try semiramis next door. 


  1. yeah... I've never heard of putting yogurt in hummus but they do it at Noon-o-kabab...


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