la lagartija taqueria.

mmm. after my trip to chilam balam, i had been craving some great, more authentic mexican food. and recently, i got just what i needed...

la lagartija taqueria is an awesome mexican spot just past the west loop... so, west town?

their website says that all of their food is "made with the best quality ingredients and prepared right when you order." yum!

i had the vegetarian alambres (with no cheese or sour cream) :
chopped red & green peppers, poblano chiles, onions, corn & tomatoes. 
home made corn tortillas on the side... with fresh salsa verde, smokey red salsa and guacamole. 

i had never had alambres before, so i was a little nervous. but it was super super super delicious! basically like fajitas, but chopped up. these alambres in particular had that awesome fresh taste... and my meal was very light, perfect for lunch. they sent six (yes, six!!) home made corn tortillas on the side... i could have eaten them all. still warm from the oven! mmm.

their salsas were also particularly tasty... the smokey red salsa was perfectly smokey and the fresh salsa verde was perfectly fresh. mmm again.

basically, la lagartija taqueria is an ideal lunch spot... i can't wait to order from here again soon!

food stylist : j. flip