opart thai house.

thai food is definitely my favorite kind of asian food. give me some tofu red curry any day of the week (delivery, please!), and halley is a happy girl.

we recently found out that our favorite chicago thai restaurant will not prepare their red curry sans fish sauce... boo star of siam.

anywho, we needed to find a new place that would satisfy my craving for thai food. enter opart thai house ... a delicious restaurant that will (!) prepare their red curry without fish sauce. win!

so here it is ...

red curry (no fish sauce!) with tofu & brown rice... 
extra bamboo & extra spicy (obviously) :
gaeng dang (official thai name) : red curry and bamboo shoots sauteed in coconut milk with your choice of protein.
yum, yum, yum & yum.

super tasty, super fast and super large portion sizes. it usually lasts me for two meals.
if you're vegan looking for some awesome red curry, opart thai is the place to try.