alliance bakery. (& other vegan desserts.)

a quick departure from our regularly scheduled programming...

desserts are one of the things i miss the most since transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. a delicious sweet treat is just so hard to replicate without the traditional baking ingredients (aka butter & eggs).

that being said, there are three bakeries and one restaurant in chicago that i know of where one can enjoy a delicious vegan cupcake.

one is alliance bakery, great little bakery on division in wicker park.

i've had their vegan cupcake several times.

chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
peanut butter frosting = heaven. 

this cupcake is a peeeeeerfect example of how vegan baking can be awesome too! 
i can always count on alliance bakery to deliver the sweetness and satisfy any craving i've got for a pastry. yum.

the other two bakeries i know of that make dayum good vegan baked goods? 

the last spot is the chicago diner ... an all vegetarian/vegan joint in boystown.
their vegan carrot cake (and their vegan reuben!) is uh-mazing.

any four of these are great choices for vegan baked goods. 
if you know of any others, let me know!


  1. hey Halley,

    I came across your blog through facebook & love it! I'm not a vegan but often find myself going that route.

    my favorite vegan baked goods come from Hilary's Cookies in lincon square...amazing. I also like the treats at Swim Cafe in noble square.

    have you been to Native Foods cafe at Belmont & Kenmore? dep. on the dish, very good. all vegan.

    hope you're doing well!
    Lauren Rosenthal

    1. hi lauren!! how are you?? thanks for checking out my blog. :)

      i've never been to hilary's cookies or swim cafe!
      i will definitely check them out!

      i do looove native foods though. their cornbread is amazing.

      hope all is well!

  2. Hilary's has lots of varieties but I highly recommend starting w/the basic chocolate chip...soooo good!


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