saigon sisters.

saigon sisters is a vietnamese restaurant on w. lake street. my office loves to order food from there for lunch... and i can't complain. i absolutely love it.

saigon sisters offers several vegan options at lunch and at dinner... here's what one of the owners, mary nguyen aregoni, had to say...

for lunch, the vegan dishes are :
  • vegetarian sandwich without the red peppers (they're stir fried with miso butter)
  • tofu spring rolls
  • vegetarian pho
for dinner :
  • quinoa and mushrooms
  • papaya salad
  • coming soon : curry soup with vegetables and rice noodles
since then, i've had the vegetarian pho (several times) and the tofu spring rolls.

and not surprisingly, most recently, i had the vegetarian pho again.

it comes with the broth on the side...
so here's before adding the broth :

and after :
vegetable broth, tofu, rice noodles, carrots, jalapeno & some other fresh herbs.
this soup is delicious. a perfect, light lunch. the flavor is nothing like any other veggie/tofu/asian soup i have ever had. it's incredibly flavorful.

saigon sisters is a seriously vegan friendly joint. they've even got a section of their website/blog dedicated to vegan recipes! take a look here: saigon sisters vietnamese vegan. i'm dying to try out the crepes they've got posted.

a must hit spot if you are in the west loop area and/or are craving some tasty pho.