bloomington, indiana : the village deli.

after four years living in bloomington, indiana, you'd think i'd have several breakfast places on my "must eat" list for when we are down there visiting... but no. all that time proved was that there is only one place i love : the village deli.

okay, to be honest -- a bit more about me before going on...
i hate breakfast food and i always have. and since becoming vegan, i've hated it even more.

that being said, there is one thing i have recently discovered that i do loooove for breakfast (or any meal, really)...

avocado on dry rye toast with a bit of salt :
an easy task for any breakfast place. and also seriously yum.
the village deli did it well. their rye bread had particularly large caraway seeds. mmm!

on this morning, i also decided to try their home made granola with soy milk : 
sunflower seeds, rolled oats, currants, sesame seeds, cinnamon and a bit of honey. 
crunchy and delicious... and i loved the extra sweetness the soy milk provided. 

*note : i think i've mentioned it before, but i'm not a non-honey eating vegan, simply because i don't feel i come in contact with it enough to cut it out of my diet completely.

over our recent weekend in bloomington, i'd definitely say that my meal at the village deli was my favorite. a perfect place for breakfast.


  1. I too love the Village Deli. Their breakfast is AWESOME. You should try the Scholars Inn Bakehouse too. Oh yeah, almost forgot about the Runcible Spoon... They are probably tops... Oh, don't forget the Uptown Cafe... I love Bloomington. :-)

    1. hi david!

      i've been to them all! runcible spoon is another favorite mine... so delish.
      only so much time for breakfast during a weekend in bloomington.

      i must say though, i miss it!

      thanks for reading. :)
      - halley


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