paris club.

paris club is another fantastic lettuce entertain you restaurant located in river north. as you might expect based on the name, it's a french restaurant "offering a lighter, casual take on french fare."

they've got several vegan options, so let's take a look at what i had.

roasted eggplant & olives :
i was drawn to this because of my love for olives... 
it was tasty, but not quite salty enough. 

 pomme frites :
i haven't had french fries in soooo long. and these were delish. 
light, crispy and crunchy.

grand provencal vegetable plate :
a completely vegan entree. 
left to right : butter beans + tomatoes, grilled brussel sprouts, carrots + radishes, grilled cabbage, grilled asparagus, chickpea + tomato salad.

the butter beans and tomato salad was really yummy. the brussel sprouts and cabbage were only so so... they were a bit burnt. the carrots and radishes, asparagus and chickpea salad were also quite tasty... the only real issue i had with this dish (besides the cabbage) was that everything was cold. and i prefer my roasted veggies warm. 

dark chocolate dipped cherries :
 sooo sooo sooo amazing for dessert.
i was pretty full from dinner so this was perfect.

in the end, paris club has got great food and lots of vegan options. 
if you're looking for a nice place to eat downtown, it's a fine choice.