rise sushi & sake lounge.

rise sushi & sake lounge is one half of a restaurant duo... their sister spot being called shine asian cuisine & sushi bar. (get it? rise & shine?)

i've been to both rise and shine... but since rise is about a 3 second walk from our house, it's definitely our sushi joint of choice. and it's a great one for any veggie rolls and the usual japanese salads.

on this most recent visit (and most, to be honest), i went very simple.

an avocado roll with brown rice:
their avocado is always fresh. so this is always a treat.
however, i also love their zen roll : spinach, carrot, cucumber, avocado and asparagus.

another favorite of mine from rise is the gomae:
chilled spinach in a sesame & soy vinaigrette.
spinach is one of my favorite vegetables, so i absolutely love gomae.
i always add a little sriracha to spice it up a bit. (obviously.)

since we do visit rise so frequently... i've tried a few other delicious vegan items on the menu:
 - seaweed salad : fresh seaweed with a sweet vinegar dressing.
 - mixed green salad : greens and baby tomatoes with ginger dressing.
 - pad thai with tofu (no egg!) : thai rice noodles with tofu and mixed veggies.
 - asparagus roll (brown rice) : self explanatory.

like any sushi place, rise has got several vegan roll options, salads and a few big plates.
just be sure to stay away from the miso soup and agedashi tofu. (both made with fish broth! bummer.)