bloomington, indiana : nick's english hut.

this might be my saddest food post yet. not because what i ate wasn't good... but because the photo of it is so pathetic.

nick's english hut is a classic bloomington bar most well known for their game...

sink the biz :
like many alcohol related games, this one involves several individuals drinking copious amounts of beer. 

in terms of food though, i had a black bean burger :
nick's own house blend of black beans, vegetables and grains with a side of ruffle chips... you know, to keep it healthy.
isn't this the saddest looking plate of food you've seen in a while?
now the black bean burger was actually quite tasty... i took away then bun since i didn't want it, but mainly because it looked like it might have an egg wash on top. the lack of bun might be affecting the sadness of this plate.

overall, quite tasty. 
i learned a valuable lesson that night ... nick's english hut in bloomington, indiana : good for beer & black bean burgers!