bloomington, indiana : yogi's grill & bar.

one of our most frequently visited bars to watch sports in bloomington was/is yogi's grill & bar. and we decided to continue the tradition for a recent indiana university hoosier basketball game. (we beat penn state, if you were curious.)

on game days, yogi's only offers a smaller menu. no vegan options there.
but fortunately for us, we had a fantastic server who was incredibly accommodating and helpful in finding something delicious for me to eat. not to mention : he had an awesome hat... i truly wish i had a photo. 

after determining that the cooking oil does not only cook veggies, we were able to rule out french fries and tortilla chips (home made!)... then we moved on to determine there were eggs in the black bean burger. no issue there, since i had one the previous night at nick's.

so here's what we came up with...

a traditional home made hummus:
the pita bread also had milk in it, so i got fresh veggies. for a sports bar, i've got to say this was quite good. and so fresh tasting. a perfect appetizer.

next, i had a veggie wrap with kettle chips:
this wrap was kind of funny... it literally had everything in it imaginable... basically, any vegan items yogi's had, they tossed in here : hummus, guacamole, black bean salsa, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and red onion (maybe more!) in a wheat tortilla. but with all those ingredients, it was actually really good! you'd think guacamole and hummus might not work... but it did! i was quite pleasantly surprised. 

yogi's is a classic iu/bloomington bar/grill. and i am so glad that next time i go back, i'll be able to actually enjoy it with my non-veggie-loving friends.