update : doc b's fresh kitchen.

since my first visit to doc b's fresh kitchen in the gold coast, i've been about 600 more times. (this is a literal number of visits.) people, it's just so good. trust.

they introduced me to one of my favorite salads in the city (the california salad) ... which i've devoured several times. but recently, i've been branching out a bit. in between calis, i've tried a few new items.

a quick reminder ... doc b's is all about "a focus on fresh, housemade, & locally minded dishes." sign me up ... again.

here's what i had ...

veggie burger :
signature quinoa & black bean recipe with teriyaki glaze. (no cheese, no kale slaw.)
i can be iffy on a veggie burger. but this one was great! i was trying to be low cal (see side of spinach) & not eat the bun, but failed. which turned out to be fine, because the bun was awesome, too. 

wok out bowl :
market veggies, chopped cashews, tofu & brown rice.
doc b's has really good tofu. i don't know how or why, but they do. so if i'm in the mood for a warm dish instead of the cali sali, this is my go-to. super flavorful, always fresh & usually involves kale, which is obviously a win in my book. 

i wish a doc b's would open up another location further north ... although, while it'd be convenient & delicious, i'd likely go broke from eating there too often. until then ... the gold coast spot is always on my radar for a consistently tasty dish. 

doc b's fresh kitchen
100 e. walton st.
chicago, il 60611


  1. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your wonderful blog! i'm currently racking my brain trying to find vegan-friendly restaurants (not 100% plant-based) that i can take my fiance to tonight. he was kind enough to surprise me by taking me to kitchen 17 on my birthday, so i'd hate to force him to go to another vegan restaurant on his birthday tonight. thank you for making this less difficult for me. wishing you the best on your pregnancy! - evelyn

    1. thank you for reading, evelyn!! so glad you find the blog helpful! that's my main goal. :)

      hope his birthday dinner went well!



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