boston : sweet cheeks.

as you know (since i've told you 50x), the first thing i do when prepping for travel to a new city is google "vegan + [name of city]." the second thing i do is google "top chef + [name of city]." the second search is what reminded me that sweet cheeks is in boston!

sweet cheeks is top chef alum chef tiffani faison's restaurant. on the most recent top chef season (top chef duels), tiffani & her challenger, dale talde (from top chef: chicago, woot!), were tasked with creating some vegan dishes (!!!) for none other than stereotypical vegan rob zombie. (har har.)

in the episode, tiffani explained that vegans & vegetarians come to sweet cheeks all the time. and while we are relegated to eating salads & sides, hey ... it's a freaking bbq joint. come on.

from tiffani about sweet cheeks : "pull up a chair & pop a cold one. sweet cheeks is the american south north of the mason dixon, it's my backyard as a kid. ... it's everything i love about what food can be & who we can be with food: disarming, comforting, convivial & fun." mmm. 

here's what i had ...

farm salad :
arugula, brussels sprouts, grapes, farro. 
i think this was a no cheese situation, but i don't remember. i also wasn't starving after my huge lunch at veggie galaxy, so this salad was perfect for me. light, fresh, great flavors ... i was super into the grapes. overall, two thumbs up. 

i could have inquired about more of the sides, but again, wasn't that hungers. i also was somewhat devastated that tiffani was out of town for the kentucky derby, so i didn't even get to have a chef sighting freakout. (which i'm sure josh & our pal, caylan, appreciated.)

so vegans ... if you're in boston & being forced by non-vegans to eat at non-vegan restaurants ... suggest sweet cheeks. maybe you'll be lucky enough to peep tiffani. 

here's me & josh at fenway after our delish sweet cheeks din :
go sox! (they lost, but it was still fun.)

sweet cheeks
1381 boylston street
boston, ma 02215