boston : trident booksellers & cafe.

on our last day in new england, we decided to take a drive out to ipswich to visit the service dog project. (check them out ... read, enjoy looking at doggies, donate. they are amazing there.) anyway, before leaving boston city limits, we decided to get breakfast / brunch / whatever at trident booksellers & cafe on newbury street.

le about : "since 1984, trident booksellers & cafe has been providing back bay residents, students & tourists with sustenance for the mind & body. ... we offer ... a full service restaurant, books, cards, gifts &, above all, a unique boston experience." perfect spot for our last meal!

i was pretty pumped when we got seated upstairs right at the window overlooking newbury street. here's what i had ...

tofu scramble :
spinach, tomatoes & broccoli.
i love a tofu scramble. this was no exception. only issue was i could tell they were rushed with it. see the not so scrambled tofu & kind of not chopped piece of broccoli above. still delicious.

as i said, my tofu scramble was quite tasty. however ... a couple of snafus while dining, which i'm only commenting on because i hold breakfast places to very high standards, since i worked at one (what up, egg harbor cafe!) for several summers in college. 

1. my first plate came out with mushrooms. ick. the second dish is above. 
2. pretty certain our waitress was under some sort of influence ... just kind of not so good service. (examples: no coffee refills & putting two tofu scrambles on our bill. not major, but still.) 
3. we all like to be green ... but they do a thing at trident with no paper check, just signing on an ipad. fine. but the server stands over you & has to ask what tip amount you want to leave. listen, as i said ... i was a server. so i 99.9% of the time leave a nice tip anyway (even with bad service). but what if you didn't want to?? oh well. 

not trying to be harsh on trident ... my food was delish. i'd highly recommend. just be prepared in case of the above. 

trident booksellers & cafe
338 newbury street
boston, ma 02115


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