boston : veggie galaxy.

after i shared my "i'm going to boston" post, one of my classmates from high school (hi, carly!) sent me a message. she nows lives in boston & had some great ideas for where to eat ... one of which was a stop at veggie galaxy in cambridge.

since we were spending the day with one of our college friends (hi, caylan!) who was living in the area, it was the perfect place to pop into.

the veggie galaxy mantra is pretty ideal ... "take the classic diner menu, tear out everything but the framework, & ... insert pure, bright, bold, flavor. ... this is food for everyone, & the food that the vegetarian community can feel comfortable knowing that every ingredient, every dish, every single component is available to them, with no limitations or substitutions needed. and for the vegans? yeah, we've TOTALLY got you covered."

here's what i had ...

the club :
grilled tempeh bacon, smoked tofu, balsamic roasted tomato, romaine, raw red onion, basil pesto & roasted garlic mayo. 
after our donut breakfast, this was another situation of lunch time rolling around & me being absolutely starving. so in typical halley fashion, i inhaled this sandwich. it was fantastic. 

fried pickles :
these, not as good. i mean, fine. but i prefer fried pickle chips vs. spears.
#veganproblems, amirite?

to me, veggie galaxy was kind of the boston version of the chicago diner. traditional diner food for veggies. always a win.

veggie galaxy
450 massachusetts ave.
cambridge, ma 02139