boston : union square donuts.

a quick google search for "vegan boston" led me straight to union square donuts in, where else, union square.

per the union square donuts facebook page, the about : "gourmet scratch donuts handcrafted in somerville, ma." leggo!

post-it wall stand out note :
#duh. #vegandonuts. #heaven.
i did not write this, but i could have.

here's what i had ...

chocolate donut :
this was kind of like a soft, chocolate covered churro. the chocolate sauce reminded me a lot of the chocolate from the chocolatería san ginés in madrid ... a favorite dessert spot (for non-vegans). not too sweet & yet still tasty. 

sugar donut holes :
while the chocolate donut was good ... the sugar donut holes were like little drops of heaven. i could have easily polished off this whole box, but that would have been absurd. damn, were they good. (josh agreed.)

i'm not one to ever pass up a vegan donut. and i felt like it was destiny (lol.) that google led me to this place. all signs point to delicious.

union square donuts
20 bow street
somerville, ma 02143