second time around : balena.

back to basics here ... "italian inspired. honest cooking."

i said this after my last visit to balena, but how good does that sound?? since i went forever ago, i've been wanting eat there again with josh. so a couple weeks back, we landed there for a nice little date night.

the menu & vegan options = totally different this time around. here's what i had ...

grilled zucchini :
calabrian vinaigrette, mint & almonds.
 zucchini is questionable to me sometimes ... this version was the absolute best preparation i have ever had. (take that, fig & olive.) even josh thought it was amazing. must have been the calabrian vinaigrette. not sure when calabrian chilies became so popular, but i'm very pleased about it. where can i get my hands on some??

 bavette :
pomodoro, basil & olive oil.
i don't know if i was just starving when i got to balena or what, but i inhaled this bowl of pasta. so simple = so delicious in my book. really, just so so good.

seems like the menu at balena is ever evolving ... and with such great, simple, italian fare ... i don't know how anyone could not want to visit again & again & again. 

1633 n. halsted street
chicago, il 60614