the dawson.

literally all summer, my girls & i have been discussing getting dinner & drinks at the dawson over at the six corners (halsted, milwaukee & grand) in west loop / river west ... not joking. all summer. but for whatever reason, we could just never pick the right date.

well, eventually -- carly & i decided to just go. we needed to get some last minute patio time in ... and if it was a winner, we'd be back with the rest of the gang.

a bit of history on the dawson : "this site was originally connected to a cluster of buildings owned by the dawson brothers.... [they] operated one of the most successful fireplace mantle companies in the u.s. at the turn of the last century. the dawson seeks to recreate the pioneering, artistic, & straightforward attitude ... by providing a restaurant, bar, & gathering place that celebrates the craft of food, drink & hospitality." sounds cool, right?

here's what i had ...

stone fruit salad :
lola rosa, pickled onion, pistachio, pluot vinaigrette.
after a quick google search to find out what lola rosa is (it's a lettuce.) ... i was sold on the stone fruit salad. great flavor. very unique. would definitely order again.

chickpea panisse :
also required googling ... think vegan chickpea mozzarella sticks ... weird at first, but then i was kind of obsessed with them. i kind of wish there was a vegan sauce to go with them, but beggars can't be choosers.

blistered shishito peppers :
hawaiian black salt. 
obviously i ordered these. obviously they were delicious.

i definitely enjoyed my dinner at the dawson. however, carly -- not so much. so will we be back with the rest of the group? i'm not sure. but i know i'll be back, either way. 

the dawson
730 w. grand ave.
chicago, il 60654