le pain quotidien.

when le pain quotidien opened on armitage ave. in lincoln park, there was quite a bit of excitement ... even though it's a chain, & an international one at that (it started in brussels), that doesn't mean that they don't have some actually very tasty plates. not fast food, but not fine dining ... it's the perfect spot to pop in.

their mantra, you ask? : "when you start with ingredients that are simple & pure — great bread, fresh fruits & vegetables, and the sweetest jams and preserves — it’s not hard to make a menu that tastes special. every item that we offer combines our just-baked breads with thoughtful, seasonal ingredients."

but also? the vegan items on their menu are clearly marked as such ... especially exciting on such a european-influenced menu.

anyway, here's what i had ...

organic lentil & avocado salad :
raw vegetables, arugula, frisee, flax seed & basil vinaigrette.
a lovely lunch salad ... obviously high-end ingredients ... very tasty. basically a win, win, win situation.

much like blue door farm stand, lpq (that's short for le pain quotidien) is definitely going to become a regular stop for me ... & since my first visit, two more locations have opened up (gold coast & west loop). so the rest of the city can enjoy this lovely place, too. 

le pain quotidien
1000 w. armitage ave.
chicago, il 60614