austin, texas : uchi.

the first of seven (yes, seven!) blog posts from austin.

starting off reeeeeeally strong at uchi, a japanese/sushi restaurant in the south austin neighborhood. since me & one of my fellow travelers (hi, carly!) were on a much earlier flight to austin, we jumped at the opportunity to eat here ... we had heard really great things.

first ... a bit about uchi : "the essence of japanese cuisine is the ingre­di­ents. at uchi, we prepare our dishes using inno­va­tive food combi­na­tions for the most unique dining expe­ri­ence in austin." sign me up.

second ... uchi has a separate vegan/vegetarian menu, which contains many, many, many items that are vegan or can be prepared as such. 

third ... besides the amazing food, we had a pretty major celebrity sighting in the form of justin long. très exciting.

anywho, here's what we had ...

bond makimono :
avocado, sun-dried tomato, gobo & soy paper.
much more special than your average veggie roll. delicious.

shishito age : 
blistered shishito peppers.
this was a typical "can't go wrong by ordering shishitos" situation. uchi did not let me down at all.

brussels sprouts :
chili sauce.
soooo good. 1. it was a huge serving. 2. we devoured them.

age dofu :
fried tofu.
gotta get some protein in at the end of the meal ... maybe the best age tofu i've ever had! the perfect crisp on the outside. 

to sum up ... uchi is a must stop spot if you are in austin ... i want to go back! 

801 s. lamar
austin, texas 78704