macku signature sushi.

my group of gals is always looking for a new sushi place to try. so when someone (hi, b!) suggested macku signature sushi on halsted in lincoln park ... i jumped at the opportunity to try it. i had heard good things, so why not?

about macku : "the menu at macku is defined by a unique palette of ingredients, textures & flavors. dishes combin sweet with savory, along with hints of spices and smokiness. above all, every dish has a unified intention, a clear vision. that vision belongs to chef/owner macku chan." beautiful!

here's what i had ...

miso soup : 
wakame, tofu, green onions & jalapeños.
as miso soup is generally not vegan (boo, fish broth), i was so excited when our server told me the macku version is ... i obviously added jalapeños for some extra spice ... warn & delicious. 

tofu salad :
fresh tofu, mixed greens, tomato salsa, wafu dressing.
non-vegan fryer at macku, so i went for the fresh tofu. this was surprisingly tasty. unusual-ish flavors for a japanese restaurant ... but in a definite good way.

avocado & white asparagus roll : 
basic. tevs.

in summation ... miso soup = great. tofu salad = good. roll = fine. if you've got a hankering for vegan miso soup, i'd say it's worth the trip.

macku signature sushi
2925 n. halsted street
chicago, il 60657