upton's breakroom.

i absolutely hate not loving vegan places ... but that's kind of what happened on a recent venture over to upton's breakroom in ukrainian village.

a couple of my co-workers & i decided on a last minute trip to upton's for lunch one day ... i had been craving a blt, so it sounded like the perfect solution.

about upton's breakroom : "it's our goal to provide high quality, delicious, cruelty-free food that anyone can enjoy." great!

here's what i had ...

blt :
bacon seitain w/ lettuce, tomato & housemade mayo on toasted wholegrain bread.
i know what you're thinking ... "i can barely see the b in this blt." you would be correct. 

bacon mac :
housemade mac & cheese w/ bacon seitan.
kind of reminded me of the mac & cheese from northdown taproom ... not the most mac & cheesy mac & cheese i've ever had ... but not the least either.

i've had upton products at other restaurants & bought frequently from whole foods ... and i can say, i do love them! but i just wasn't obsessed with the breakroom. maybe next time. 

upton's breakroom
2054 w. grand avenue
chicago, il 60612