pride sushi & thai.

a few weeks ago, i went waaay up north to see a friend's new (and might i add : adorable) house. (hi, anna!) ...

by waaay up north, i mean west rogers park. it's not like i meant canada, come on. the 6000s are just unknown territory for me!!

anywho, after much debate on where to eat, we decided on asian ... which led us to pride sushi & thai, located right on peterson.

about pride sushi & thai : "we take pride in making a perfect dish & perfect sushi... with our warm service to make sure that you feel at home." aaah, i see what they did there.

here's what i had ...

chive dumplings :

pan-fried chive rice dough served with spicy sweet soy sauce.
chive cakes are hit or miss for me ... these were not greasy. therefore, they were a hit. 

vegetable & tofu soup :
mixed vegetables & tofu in a mild broth.
even though it's now 100 degrees outside, we all know it wasn't a couple of weeks ago. so when i saw a vegan soup on the menu, i had to get it just to warm up. your basic clear soup, but heavy on the veggies & tofu ... so, extra good.
avocado & kampyo maki :
and just for fun, i had to throw in a couple of veggie rolls. can't go wrong.

while for me, pride sushi & thai isn't in the most convenient of locations, the food is great. so if you happen to be in the area ... or if you happen to live in the area, it's worth a visit. check it out.

pride sushi & thai
2706 w. peterson avenue
chicago, il 60659