lahaina, maui (hawaii) : pacific'o.

ah, maui. one of the best things about this lovely island (imo) is that pretty much every night, you can see a beautiful sunset. and from a dinner reservations stand point, you absolutely get the best view at pacific'o.

pacific'o is a farm-to-table concept restaurant ... focusing on "healthy & locally sourced ingredients." i love this kind of thing.

here's what i had ...

kula beets :
organic beet "confit," pickled beets, hijiki seaweed, namasu pickled veggies, beet juice, watercress puree.
love me some beets ... duh. and this dish had plenty. i quite enjoyed it ... what i didn't enjoy was the seaweed & the pickled veggies. they seemed weird. but the beets? the beets were spot on. 

garden :
roasted hearts of palm, heirloom carrots, pickled onion, radish, beets, quinoa & burnt aka red miso. 
i normally don't like quinoa, but this version was absolutely delicious. the grilled pickled onions were also fantastic. definitely a winner. 

 and for dessert :
see what i mean?

i say this simply & with certainty : pacific'o is a perfect maui dinner spot.

505 front street
lahaina, maui, hawaii 96761