lahaina, maui (hawaii) : star noodle.

you know i can't go somewhere and not visit the local top chef restaurant. well, in maui ... i kind of did & i kind of didn't. technically, the acclaimed star noodle was started by top chef fan favorite chef sheldon simeon ... but he no longer works there. which, i will admit, i didn't know when we were there.

don't get me wrong ... i would have absolutely gone to star noodle either way. i just wouldn't have looked like an idiot continuously scanning the restaurant for sheldon's sweet little face.

anyway ... star noodle is all about "serving fresh house made noodles & asian specialties." perfect, since i'm pretty much always craving an asian noodle ... a match made in foodie heaven.

chillin' in the star noodle parking lot :
with or without sheldon ... long wait times! 

plenty of time for silly snaps :

but i digress ... back to the food. since i'm a glutton, josh & i decided to share several dishes. like kind of a ridiculous amount. but really, when's the next time i'll be there??

here's what i had ...

roasted brussels sprouts :
sans bacon.
simple & flavorful. obviously delicious. 

pad thai :
rice noodles, peanuts, garlic, chives & tofu. 
i always think pad thai is a good dish to judge a restaurant on because so many places offer it. the star noodle version was awwwwwesome.

singapore noodles :
vermicelli, vegetables & tofu.
while the pad thai was great, the singapore noodles were better. amazing flavors, really top notch tofu (i love tofu), & perfect noodles. i could have eaten the entire plate, but not only was it huge, but that also would have been unacceptable & our server would have judged me. 

josh & his hapa ramen :
more like hapa heaven, amirite?

so many leftovers :
a lovely breakfast for the next day.
yeah, i'm don't discriminate on what time of day it's acceptable to eat any kind of food.

so while i am quite sad that i didn't have an actual top chef sighting, i did think the food at star noodle was completely freaking amazing. if/when i do go back to maui, this place will definitely be at the top of my list.

star noodle
286 kupuohi street
lahaina, maui, hawaii 96761