sushi mura.

sometimes, the little place around the corner will surprise you (me). enter sushi mura, a sushi restaurant down the street from us right on southport.

we've either talked about or walked past sushi mura about 100x over the course of the past five years ... but for whatever reason, we just never stopped in. so when it finally started to warm up in chicago, josh & i decided the time had come for a stroll up the street.

the about section : "at sushi mura, we care only about two things. first, that our sushi exceeds your expectations. and second, that you feel an integral part of the sushi experience." alright! let's go.

here's what i had ...

goma ae :
boiled spinach w/ sesame dressing.
maybe slightly heavy on the sesame dressing (as you can see), but the flavor was great. 

mame nor maki :
soy wrap w/ asparagus, avocado, cucumber & spinach.
yum! one of my new favorite sushi rolls. (we've since ordered it for carry out not once, but twice.) i also had an avocado roll, but i didn't think you needed to see a photo of that. but it was also lovely. 

one of the best aspects of this joint is that it's not overpriced like the 96% (a confirmed percentage) of the rest of chicago sushi restaurants. so good food + reasonable $$ = sushi mura quickly becoming a go-to for us ... if i only i hadn't wasted the past five years going elsewhere.

sushi mura
3647 n. southport avenue
chicago, il 60613