butcher & the burger.

the guys in my office are pretty much always craving burgers. so recently, we ordered delivery from butcher & the burger, a burger shop on w. armitage in lincoln park where you can customize a variety of burgers to your little heart's desire.

the best thing about butcher & the burger? they've got a vegan burger ---- & ---- can make vegan french fries. "a dash of old fashion butcher shop with a pinch of culinary artistry mixed in" ... hell yeah.

after talking about this place obsessively to josh, we decided to venture over there. the perfect spot to celebrate a hoosier victory in the ncaa tournament.

anyway, here's what i had ...

lentil brown rice burger :
w/ umami spices & avocado on a lettuce wrap bun. 
holy yum. this officially beats out tavern on rush as my favorite vegan burger in the city. it's so good ... and actually gets a nice little crust on the outside. i mean, it's still the type of thing you need to eat with a fork & knife. but that's okay because the flavor is there. oh, and adding the avocado makes a huge difference in deliciousness. highly recommended.

vegan french fries (!!!) :
it is possible that another bun option at butcher & the burger is vegan. but i didn't ask because i wanted to save room (& calories!) for the vegan french fries! they take a little longer to prepare, but damn are they worth the wait. fries are kind of my weakness, so i'm always super excited about some vegan ones. mmm.

hubbie & me :
josh had the bison burger w/ goat cheese & ghost pepper. he loved it!

le aftermath :
snarfed up every last bit (except half the lettuce bun).

the butcher & the burger is most definitely a new favorite for me. (gosh, i've had two new favorites lately!) it's not the healthiest thing in the world. but it's so good, you won't even care. check it out!!