flat top grill.

flat top grill is "a create your own stir-fry restaurant with fresh ingredients & home made sauces for a fun, fresh & interactive dining experience." they're based in chicago, but have locations throughout the midwest. the one we went to is located right at the corner of southport & belmont. easy peasy!

not going to lie, i'm generally a huge fan of interactive dining. and when you get to build your own perfect dish? ideal.

the best part about flat top grill ... instead of having a list of vegan items, they have a list of the few non-vegan items. take a look ...

DO NOT eat these items :
quorn - horseradish tofu sauce - pad thai sauce - thai red curry sauce - triple chocolate storm - whipped cream (obvi.) - ice cream (obvi.) - kung pao prata - chicken satay (obvi.) - mu shu wraps - korean bbq (contains honey.)

but that means that literally everything else is vegan! woop! they also have the option to put a "dietary restriction" stick in your bowl, which means they will cook your dish on a separate, cleaned griddle. another win, woop!

here's what i had ...

create your own stir fry :
brown rice, baby corns, jalapeños  edamame, bamboo, curry pakoras, soy sauce, red hot chili sauce & flat bread.
oooh. see the hot steaminess? okay, so maybe this bowl looks not so good. but it's my not so good mess, so i liked it. and if you make your own, you can make it look as pretty as you'd like! oh, and the curry pakoras are freaking delicious. 

flat top is a quick & easy place for lunch or din ... and if you're into a diy-style meal, it's the place for you. check it. 


  1. Hi Halley, Thanks for sharing your experience with us! We're happy to hear you enjoyed creating your own vegan stir-fry and hope to see you again soon! -Jillian Beard, Marketing Director, Flat Top Grill

    1. thanks for reading, jillian!

      i'll be back soon. :)



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