kyu sushi.

when you're craving something healthy, what's your go to? mine's sushi. but i felt tired of all the usual places. so josh and i decided to take a peek on grubhub and find something new ...

enter kyu sushi, a "contemporary" sushi joint in ukrainian village.

not going to lie, i was initially drawn to kyu because i saw soy paper on the menu. for some reason, i just love soy paper. so that made our dinner decision much simpler.

here's what i had ...

gomae :
 spinach w/ sesame peanut sauce.
 this looks like a tiny little order. which is it. but the spinach was so tightly packed that it actually felt like a substantial bit of food. the sesame peanut sauce helped, too. delish.

avocado roll w/ soy paper :
 your classic avocado roll. but for some reason, this one was even tastier. i think it was the soy paper and the appropriate rice to avocado ratio that did the trick. i gobbled this up in about 2 seconds.

green day roll w/ soy paper : 
yamakobo, kampyo, cucumber, seaweed salad, avocado & cilantro w/ ginger dressing.
i was super excited to be able to order a specialty maki. i feel like vegans rarely get that opportunity, since they all mostly contain fish or fried things. but this one? perfectly fresh. and the soy paper even did a good job holding this together. (sometimes i think soy paper isn't as effective as seaweed.) oh, and having the seaweed salad actually in the roll was awesome! really innovative, i thought. overall roll rating : a++. 

we will certainly be back for more kyu sushi. vegan sushi yums.