i haven't been to a lettuce entertain you classic in a while ... so my friend & i decided to head to wildfire, located right in river north on w. erie street.

wildfire is a fun place ... they describe themselves as "a modern-day 1940s dinner club." and it's true. the decor & atmosphere are pretty much what i think that time would be like.

martinis & vino :
my amiga, ilana, & me. 
wildfire has some pretty damn good martinis (try the stormy night) ... i opted for a glass of malbec this time.

anyway, wildfire is a definite favorite for me and josh. (and also a north suburban staple.) in fact, we like it so much that we had our wedding rehearsal dinner there. the food was delish and the martinis were a-flowin'.

anyway, on this most recent trip, here's what i had ... 

wildfire chopped salad :
avocado, tomatoes, scallions, corn & tortilla strips w/ citrus lime vinaigrette. 
(no chicken. no bleu cheese. no bacon.)
this is literally my favorite salad in the entire world. wildfire has a few other vegan options, but you really need to look no further than this delicious salad. okay, it looks a little sad in this picture. but that's my fault - not the salad's! fresh avocado + tortilla strips + citrus lime vinaigrette makes for a happy vegan. you can even buy the dressing to bring home with you, but i didn't let myself get that carried away. 

fresh steamed broccoli :
with lemon vinaigrette. 
i hadn't ever had the broccoli side before ... tasty. very light (including the vinaigrette) ... but still good. pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be. 

okay, i'll say this. sometimes the crowd at wildfire is a little older. but that don't mean the food ain't tasty. it's one of my go-to places when i'm craving a salad. check it out. 


  1. Beautiful gals! Hope you're both doing great!!

    1. thanks, sarah! let's all get drinks soon!! xo.

  2. Thank you so much! I am at wildfire for brunch right now and you made my life better! -new vegan (2 months down, a lifetime to go)!


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