bloomington, indiana : the irish lion.

in all my years at indiana university, i never dined at the irish lion, a restaurant & pub located on kirkwood right off the square ... where you can get a "true taste of ireland." 

the irish lion's menu is not what you would call "vegan-friendly." i'm going to guess that most of the restaurants in ireland are not what you would call "vegan-friendly" either. but that's okay. when our server was a little confused, a manager came over and explained my options. and after a quick confab with the chefs, we had settled on my vegan meal.

here's what i had ...

 sauteed vegetable medley :
a steamed seasonal vegetable blend w/ white rice. 
oops, forgot to say no mushrooms. my bad. the rest? delish. i added some olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper to ya know, spice things up a bit. 

baked potato :
 again, i added olive oil, salt & pepper to this big bad boy. yum. i am going through a major baked potato phase right now ... so this was a perfect addition.

i know this meal might look a little boring. but come on people, we're vegan. when all else fails, steamed veggies & a baked potato aren't the worst items we can eat. 

either way, the team at the irish lion really took care of me. and for that, i am thankful!


  1. The Irish Lion is great, but not the most vegan friendly place in Bloomington. Of course there are a ton of veg friendly places, so I hope you got to try some of them!

    1. hi, there!

      yes, you are correct. but their team certainly took care of me!

      i'll be back a few times this summer ... so i'll have more posts to come!

      thanks for stopping by!


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