tavern on rush.

not going to lie ... i'm not the hugest fan of the viagra triangle. the whole area is just kind of annoying to me.

however, they do have some good eats around there. one of which is tavern on rush. besides the tasty food, it's my understanding that the draw of this place is the fun outdoor seating area. unfortunately, on the day we went ... it was 95+ degrees. not so ideal for eating outside. so in we went ... a bit stuffy and certainly not a tavern per se, but that's okay.

here's what i had :

naked veggie burger :
totally vegan and served with raw vegetables.
best.veggie.burger.ever. seriously so good. 
it came with a whipped avocado spread, which was also amazing.
i couldn't pin point exactly what made it so delicious, but it tasted completely different than any other veggie burger i've ever had.

so vegans, if you're in the gold coast looking for a tasty bite and some summer seating, head to tavern on rush and definitely try the veggie burger.


  1. Is this the only Vegan option on their menu?

    1. hi there!

      i'm not certain that this is the only official vegan option at tavern on rush. i do know that they have several salads, some of which i am sure can be prepared vegan.

      but their veggie burger is so delicious, you can't go wrong!

      good luck!
      thanks for stopping by.
      - halley


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