new york city : babycakes.

happy 4th of july!! 
so now, my favorite nyc spot ...
hands down -- best place for a delicious + sweet vegan treat in new york city : babycakes.

 here's their little mantra :
 in a city dominated by cupcakes overflowing with sugar, flour and buttercream, it's easy for those with delicate tummies to feel left out. babycakes offers all natural, organic and delicious alternatives free from the common allergens : wheat, gluten, dairy, casein and eggs. rest assured, all sweeteners have been heavily researched and used sparingly. white sugar will never be found in our bakery. from low glycemic to minimally processed sweeteners -- there are safe options for all. 

i obviously had to sample many items. here's what i had :

vanilla cupcake :
yum. the frosting was delish. but we couldn't exactly figure out what it tasted like. either way, it was delish.

cinnamon sugar donut hole :
also, amazing. definite carrot undertones. 
(or maybe, just definite carrot tones.)
the carrot flavor surprised me. if it was called a "cinnamon sugar carrot donut hole," i may have enjoyed it more. again, either way, quite tasty.

gluten-free chocolate cupcake topper :

unfortunately, not very tasty. i can appreciate a need for gluten-free.
but this flavor was just not for me.

our next treat, however ... INSANE.
cookie crunch donut :
 i seriously cannot say enough about this delicious little cake. 
the absolute best vegan dessert i've had ever.
this one had definite lemon undertones. which only made it tastier.
i want another one.

vegans & non-vegans alike -- haul ass to babycakes now

the aftermath :