new york city : friedman's lunch.

this next stop on the nyc trip took the place of hummus place ... ha. while hummus place does have several locations, none of them happened to be in the areas we wanted to shop. so off the list it went!  

since i've already been to hummus place, i wasn't that upset about skipping it. and i was especially not upset once we decided on friedman's lunch, a little cafe in chelsea marketthis place is pretty cute ... kind of an updated farm style. they also had super cute ketchup jars and the water came out in old wine bottles. definitely something i am going to do at home! 

anyway, here's what i had :

garden vegetable sandwich :
hummus, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber & avocado on grilled sourdough bread. (no sprouts for me.)
got my hummus after all! 
there's an option to add tofu, which i apparently missed, because i certainly would have added it.
not all that much to say about this tasty sandwich. fresh, light, healthy. 
can't really go wrong. also, the pickle was homemade and sooo good. i love when pickles aren't fully pickle-y and still have a cucumber crunch. yum.

don't be confused, friedman's lunch is not only open for lunch ... they do it all : breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner. so if you happen to be in chelsea, maybe shopping at anthropologie (like us), friedman's lunch is a great place to stop for a delicious, quick bite.