frasca pizzeria & wine bar.

i wasn't lying when i said i have been eating a lot of italian food lately. 

frasca pizzeria & wine bar is a super cute spot in roscoe village. their outdoor seating area is always bustling and it's walking distance from my house. i have passed by it several times, but had never gone. so with a friend coming in town, i thought, "why not?" and off we went. (plus, it's just a few blocks from paciugo. so i knew we could get some vegan gelato after dinner. double.whammy.) 

anyway, we were all surprised by how much we loved frasca. the food was just really good! and who doesn't love a little corner joint that can serve up some deliciousness?

here's what i had ... 

fennel & orange salad :
shaved fennel, pistachios, celery leaf & blood orange vinaigrette.
yum. i love fennel, so this was awesome. super fresh and green (!). 
a perfect starter salad. my only complaint was that it was sooo big! i couldn't finish it (a first). 

shared simple sauteed spinach :
garlic & olive oil.
pretty basic sauteed spinach. but i very much enjoyed it. 
 i put it on top of my pizza. 

shared caponata pizza :
tomato sauce, eggplant, red peppers & artichokes. (half with no goat cheese or mushrooms.)
YUM. i love a thin, crispy crust pizza. so this was perfect.
and it was the perfect size to share. the sauteed spinach on top definitely improved the overall taste. and i would certainly order this one again. 

basically, frasca is just a super cute & super yummy place. they seemed to have a lot of vegan options and were very accommodating. i am so excited that we have a new go-to neighborhood spot for an easy & tasty bite! vegans, check it out.