india house.

josh and i love indian food. let me count the reasons why :
     1.  they appreciate and accommodate vegans. hey, a people that worship cows is my kind of people. 
     2. i like to eat with whatever tool i have handy. (get it? hand-y?) indian food encouranges this. 
     3. yum.

my only issue with indian food is that i always want to go into a food coma after eating it. well, that hasn't stopped us lately ... because we've been ordering it all the time.

our favorite delivery place (aka, the only place we've tried) is india house ... it's located downtown, so quite the haul for the grubhub man. here what i had for this most recent, delicious dinner ...

channa masala on a house garden salad :
chick peas cooked in an exotic blend of north indian spices on lettuce, tomato & cucumbers.
my favorite indian dish. i literally get it anytime i eat indian, from whatever restaurant. so spicy (not in the overwhelming hot way. in the extra flavorful way) and delicious. obviously basmati rice is so tasty, but i like to eat my channa masala on veggies to make the meal a bit lighter and (more importantly) save room for the roti bread.

tandoori roti :
 whole wheat bread baked in the clay oven.
 naan has milk in it (or something), but the tandoori roti is vegan. a perfect vessel for scooping up chick peas.

okay, that's enough. india house is awesome. i'm going to go enter into a food coma / take a nap.